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  Switchplates - Charming Decorative Switchplates to fit any decor. Handmade in USA. Durable Steel.  


     Switchplates you're sure to love!!
Delightful decorative switchplates, all handmade in the USA, are what you will find here at Switchplate Gallery. We have compiled an extensive collection of beautiful, tasteful designs for light switch plates that blend perfectly with your decor.  Hundreds of designs by America's favorite artists have been used to turn ordinary switch plates into charming works of art. Whatever your decorating theme--tropical or beachwine or Parisianwildlife or horsesmusic or golf--contemporary, traditionalcountrysouthwestern or eclectic-- we have switchplates that will ultimately be your favorite decorating tool. A very small item, with a very big impact!!

Decorative light switchplates are great for housewarming gifts and also a clever gift for collectors. Know anyone into Coca Cola, lighthousesfishingfashionelephantsSantas, snowmentrains or vintage cars? They'd love a light switch to match! We have lots of designs for cat loversgolf nuts, and kids, too! 

You can get decorative light switch plates in larger sizes with four switches - commonly called QUADS.  We even make both five gang and six gang switches (six gang Special Order only).  Of course we have regular triples and doubles, or just a little single switch! If you need a switch and a plug together, we have those - and those wide switches called decora switches, rockers, or GFI's. You can see the many sizes of switchplates available by using the Size Chart tab above. If you don't see what you need there then see our Special Order size chart  where you will see many more weird sizes such as blanks, switches with blank, plugs with blank, etc,  or call 800 497 6946 during our regular business hours of 9AM-5PM (EST).  We would love to help you get the size you need in a design that you'll love!!

Light switchplates are little things that can be a lot of fun... when you get them from Switchplate Gallery!


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    What Our Customers Are Saying!

So, here's my story, and I'm stickin' to it:
When I bought my house here in Clovis Ca (it is right next to Fresno), I was excited to make it my own.  I paid attention to detail, down to the knobs and switch plates and all of the other fun fiddledee-bits. 

One of the funnest things was finding your website and buying stuff. Every now and then I'll find antother switchplate I forgot about, and get a new switchplate. Luckily, it is a two-story house, so I can buy more of them!  I follow a budget, otherwise I would buy enough to change for every holiday.
After years of wear, they're still beautiful.  The quality is supberb.  One of the things I was very impressed about, was that you didn't feel you had to use the unnessasary screws in the plates.  The plates are very secure, never get loose, and most of all, they don't mess with the continuity of the design.
AND your customer service is g-r-e-a-t!  Every time I've ordered the wrong configuration of plate, you used your psychic abilities and knew to check with me.  Yup, you've always been right, and I always feel that you're communications are personalized and friendly. 
Thanks ever so,
Tani C

We're from RI.  We went to the BigE and I fell in love with your switchplates.  We did an entire wine theme in our kitchen with your wine switchplates. It looks fabulous.  It makes the entire kitchen so unique.  Thank you very much. 

Love your products, especially the invisible screws. When my handy man/painter decided to remove the switchplates in order to do a better painting job, he managed his screwdriver to "slip" and dig into the paint, resulting in an awful blob drawing attention to the screws instead of permitting them to remain invisible.  Would love to sue him for the damage he caused. Yes, not just one switchplate, but throughout my house.  Warn your customers to beware any painters - remove the switchplates yourself!

And, I have to tell you that I have noticed this and I absolutely love the fact that you take the time to do this.  I have probably more that 15 of your switchplates all around my house, and I will not stop until every plate is redone!  Keep them coming!

You guys are so awesome. I enjoyed working with you on my purchases, and so many great comments on my switchplates...people are just amazed, it's so fun!  Keep up the great work and many thanks!

I received my switchplates - both were grape varietal switchplates - & can only say that the photos on-line do not do these switchplates justice.  I was very pleased with how beautiful they are & the detail - down to the screws so as to not ruin the painting of the grapes - was something I did not expect.
I've had them up on my light switches a few days & already guests visiting my home have commented on how nice they look.
Thank you.

Hi Janet, your company has I believe, 7 of my images. There are 2 in the folkart category, a red saltbox house and another with 3 houses, and some hills. There is also one in the kitchen category, it has lemons in a black basket, and "olio di oliva" in the background. I haven't found the others, but maybe they were not produced yet. I just wanted to let you all know that you have a really great product, and the way the screws disappear, is fantastic!
Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks again for the interest in my work. Have a wonderful week!
Best regards!
 Anne T

Hi Janet,

I just wanted to first, thank you for your quick response. I received my order and I couldn’t be happier. You guys have a great product and great customer service. So again, thank you so much!!

Now, as soon as I finish painting the rest of the house, I’m picking out more items to order from you. This is one of those good customer experiences that the recipient tends to blab to all his friends about and I promise to spread the word.

Have a great day!
Jason W

Received my new switchplates and receptical covers yesterday and I certainly do 
like them!!!! You do a beautiful job! I always like to have switchplates and 
the receptical covers to match in all the rooms of the house and we recently 
re-did our living room, dining room and entry. Had covers for the entry but not 
the living and dining rooms and Ihad no luck looking locally. I then resorted 
to ordering on line and what a terrific selection your company offers! 
Thank you so much and have a blessed day. 
Jeanette L

Hi Janet,
I just wanted to let you know we received the wine theme switch plate covers and they are fabulous!  They look very professional and are a lovely added touch to our newly remodeled family room and wine tasting area and wine cellar

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